Why You Should Pay Attention To VR: My Oculus Go Experience And The Fight To Preserve Freedom In A ‘Snow Crash’/‘Ready Player One’ Future.

After years of building interest about all things Virtual Reality (and Augmented Reality too), I decided to make good on a promise to try the Oculus Go whenever Oculus decided to release it.

Having seen Ernest Cline’sReady Player Oneand read the much better Neal Stephenson novelSnow Crash, I was primed to pick one up. Being a sci-fi author, I must pay attention to technological shifts to maintain some form of vision for what’s heading our way and maybe nudge it in the right direction.

2018 = 2016

As CPAC 2018 winds down and gun-grabbing rhetoric heats up, President Donald J. Trump reminded us of one important thing during his CPAC speech: the MAGA agenda will be lost if Democrats win control of the Senate and/or House. Shorter: 2018 is 2016. 

BOOK REVIEW: The Sea Monster

Parenting has always been a tough job; it’s made tougher when parents are trying to find suitable content for their young children that doesn’t come from an unsupervised iPad or isn’t mired in twisted left wing subtext (i.e. Why boys can be girls anytime they feel like it, etc.). Though it’s a children’s book and not something I’d normally write about, I always like to highlight culturally-positive things.