The Trouble With ‘A Quiet Place’

Since Hollywood went off the rails, I’ve severely limited how much I go to the movies. When I do watch them, home is my theater of choice. That’s how I eventually came across John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place. A 99-cent iTunes rental for a movie I had heard only good things about was right up my alley of taking the cultural pulse, while not giving much money to people who hate me. 

Why You Should Pay Attention To VR: My Oculus Go Experience And The Fight To Preserve Freedom In A ‘Snow Crash’/‘Ready Player One’ Future.

After years of building interest about all things Virtual Reality (and Augmented Reality too), I decided to make good on a promise to try the Oculus Go whenever Oculus decided to release it.

Having seen Ernest Cline’sReady Player Oneand read the much better Neal Stephenson novelSnow Crash, I was primed to pick one up. Being a sci-fi author, I must pay attention to technological shifts to maintain some form of vision for what’s heading our way and maybe nudge it in the right direction.