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Thank You For Not Accepting Donald Trump’s 2016 Win

Thank You For Not Accepting Donald Trump’s 2016 Win

Exactly one year after Donald Trump won the presidency we find ourselves in a state of reality not thought possible. The losers, Hillary Clinton and her traitorous Democrats, still haven’t accepted the result of the 2016 White House race.

We have been spared. The rule of Hillary The Wicked would’ve been an unmitigated disaster for the country. 

Thanks to former DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile, we’ve learned — beyond any reasonable doubt — that Hillary was rigging everything but the cable at one of her stately mansions.  


We’ve learned from other reports that it was Hillary Clinton and her coterie of garbage that colluded with Russia. SJWs always project. Robert Mueller’s investigation has yielded nothing from the period of the campaign connected to Trump. Stay tuned on the Uranium One investigation. Perhaps some kind of justice will finally be served. Let’s go Jeff Sessions!

We’ve learned Hillary’s health was in terrible shape to anyone with functioning eyeballs and an IQ north of 85 who was anywhere near the Internet on September 11, 2016. Meanwhile, Trump, the man who’s never had a drink or smoke in his life, remains very healthy, though he should really consider a little cardio. 


And yet, the Fake News was there to cover for her every step of the way. This meme nailed it.  


What else do we have?

Well, Donna Brazile also dedicated her tell-all book Hacks to Seth Rich, the DNC IT staffer killed under suspicious circumstances. Almonds status: ACTIVATED.  

Meanwhile, President Trump has slashed regulations, erased many of Marxist Barack Obama’s executive orders, beefed up our border/immigration stance so much that illegal crossings are plummeting. He has ISIS getting acquainted with defeat. He is restoring spirit and pride in our country. He is renegotiating our America Last trade deals. He is creating an environment for a jobs boom. Etc.

Not to mention the Saudi purge, Hollywood sex crime revelations, a rising stock market (though I’m less of a fan of the stock market, backed by a fiat currency, as a key indicator). 


To be sure, there were the Syrian strikes. Could’ve done without those. The Saudi arms deal wasn’t exactly high on my list. We don’t have clarity on whether we’ll get the middle-of-the-road RAISE Act, ending suicidal DACA or what this country truly needs more than anything: a total immigration freeze + more aggressive deportations + two border walls (Blade Runner 2049’s “sea wall” should be the prototype, Mr. President). 


This post is in no way an exhaustive list for either side. I need to keep this stuff short.

I’m just glad the Democrats refuse to accept the magic that occurred one year ago. You and your domesticated cuckservative lapdogs haven’t seen anything yet and are red pilling more actual Americans, not the imports and the indoctrinated.

The America First movement is so much bigger and so much more savage than any one man.

Cry more! 

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