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Inside The Mind Of Hollywood’s Trump Budget Screeching

Inside The Mind Of Hollywood’s Trump Budget Screeching

President Trump has released the broad strokes of his proposed budget.

As with all things having to do with President Trump, Hollywood isn’t taking the budget’s spending priorities too well.

I won’t dive into the particulars of his budget. Instead, I want to put you inside the mind of what rich and successful Hollywood screechers are thinking.

Check out the biggest loser...the EPA!

(Note: I had to put some music on to drown out the wailing of Hollywood as I write this. Very distracting.)

I can report from experience Hollywood is now collectively virtue signaling in meetings, conference calls, etc. about how proud they are to send the IRS big checks for stuff like the EPA, NPR, PBS and the National Endowment for the Arts. (Reminder: They get that cash from you.)

And, while that is very generous-sounding of them on the surface, it’s not accurate.

The biggest names in Hollywood, like anyone else, seek to minimize what they pay in taxes. A big star will form an LLC that loans out said star to a production (e.g. movie or tv show). This star pays taxes at that LLC’s rate. They also have armies of business managers, lawyers, et al to park monies anywhere they can to shield them from taxes.

Personally, I don’t fault people for trying to minimize their taxes. I fault them for lying about how virtuous and generous they are, while attacking the right for doing the same thing with their taxes.

I’ve heard them say, with my own ears, that, “I write a big check to the IRS. It’s the government’s problem after that. That’s my charity.”

I also love the arts in its many forms and value its power over culture. I just can’t get behind government-sponsored art that invariably pushes Cultural Marxism.

If the anti-American left wants its precious NEA, PBS or NPR, they can pay for it. Let it compete like anything else. Leave us out of it.

Hilariously, that didn’t work out too well for Air America, a long dead and embarrassing attempt at left wing talk radio.

I can live without historically inaccurate progressive revisionism. Can’t you?

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