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How To Drain A Swamp…Or, Why I Canceled My DirecTV.

How To Drain A Swamp…Or, Why I Canceled My DirecTV.

I promised myself after the election I would cancel my DirecTV subscription. 
Promise kept…and then some.

Having had enough of the Fake News media’s lies, Hollywood’s daily insults and looking at my bill, it was time to cut the cord.

Many of us are eager to drain the swamp. And, there are many swamps to drain. The Hollywood and Fake News swamps are truly repulsive because they force you to fund our enemies on the left.

One vital way you can have a big impact on winning the culture war you hear so much about is to cut the actual cord. I can tell you from experience inside Hollywood that they notice these things. When subscriber counts go down, it gives everyone inside Hollywood a scare and disrupts their mind-destroying gravy train.

The proof of this scare is the new move to cheaper, streaming-only TV packages like DirecTVNow, Sling, etc. Hollywood reckons their answer is an Internet-friendly option for less money, fewer channels. There’s only one problem. This STILL fills the coffers of bad channels like the Very Fake News splattered everywhere by outlets like the Clinton News Network. This is a patronizing ruse and doesn’t even begin to make up for years of robbing us blind and marinating our minds in Cultural Marxism. Don’t fall for it.

Instead, get your news on social media and the web from outlets that had good track records during the election.

The money you spend on your overpriced monthly cable package ends up in the hands of nasty, dishonest people in Hollywood who then end up using their spoils to fund Democrats.

I’ve seen those big checks made out to this or that Democrat PAC with my own eyes during my time in Hollywood. This is also a form of pay-to-play where moguls raising money for the Democrats will dial for dollars and apply lots of pressure to actors, producers, anyone in the industry with the means. In return, they’ll stay on the good side of this mogul when they need what’s known as a push call or power call to be made to inch a project over the goal line.

Don’t even mention GOP fundraising in Hollywood; it’s a joke by comparison.

By not cutting the cord, you are funding our enemies in the fight to drain the swamp. Cutting the cord is essential to MAGA.

It feels great. You’ll save your cash. You’ll save your mind. You’ll save your country. We all may even get along better too.

Now in my fourth glorious month, I have transcended to a plane of wokeness inside a tesseract of truth.

There are other options out there to get the content you want to watch too. A little research is all it takes.

Personally, I’ll read more, listen to music, spend more quality time with people I care about and leverage the Internet to my knowledge-seeking, content-consuming advantage to save my beloved country.

After all, aren’t we still the people (as one POTUS long ago observed) who will bear any burden, pay any price, oppose any foe, aid any friend in the cause of freedom?

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