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Why The Hollywood Right Loses

Why The Hollywood Right Loses

The Los Angeles Times posted what is a regular story in Hollywood about blacklisting the right. So regular, in fact, that when I read stories like these, I have to check the date because it gives me a serious case of Deja Vu.

It’s about conservatives, right wingers and the like being put down, blacklisted and censored. It’s about maintaining a life in the shadows to protect one’s income from SJW disemployment campaigns.

It’s not for a lack of power or cash that this happens. It’s a lack of courage, spine and the will to end this thoughtcrime, this heinous oppression that keeps good people living in fear, in actual shadows.

One part of this LA Times story mentions a Hollywood conservative writer who reluctantly supported Trump, Andrew Klavan. Klavan is a pal of known Never Trump enthusiast Ben Shapiro. These guys didn’t do Trump a whole lot of favors during the election.

The report goes on to chronicle a conversation Klavan had with his agent. His agent informed him that a producer tried to pressure him into dropping Klavan as a client for political reasons.

I can only guess here, but I’d venture to say Klavan didn’t demand to know who this fragile piece of garbage producer was so he could leverage social media to name and shame him. Maybe Klavan did this. Maybe he didn’t. Given the cuckservative circles Klavan swims in, he was probably happy to cry about it in the failing pages of LA Times instead.

I’m not picking on Klavan so much as using him to illustrate the problem here.

I could say similar things about Jerry Bruckheimer, a known right winger, caked in power and cash, who doesn’t fight the culture war or get upset about the people in Hollywood whose lives get ruined by the feral left.

Holding luncheons, cocktail hours and commenting in the pages of the LA Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety or Deadline won’t fix this.

Further, I don’t want to shade people like Bruckheimer.

I only want to ask them stuff like this: 
What did they do to help end the climate of fear in Hollywood? 
Where are your public call outs of the worst SJW offenders? 
Where are your right wing cultural contributions at the movies and in our living rooms? 
What good is all that cash, if you’re too scared to fight?

I have answers for this. Some short term. Some long term. One of them is almost ready.

I don’t react well to bullies. Seems too many in Hollywood have grown comfortable with institutional censorship. Not me.

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