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Negotiators Work in Cryptic Ways, Remember?

Negotiators Work in Cryptic Ways, Remember?

During the campaign, I vaguely recall a quiet moment or two where President Trump timidly whispered about his negotiating skills. Just kidding. He wouldn’t shut up about his cunning negotiating skills.

This is something that is probably never going to sync with the Democrat operatives in the Fake News media, nor among his fiercest critics on the insane left or with the Never Trump cucks.

What’s interesting is that, during the Jared Kushner-Steve Bannon drama, Syria-Tomahawk strike, North Korea and Healthcare stuff in this very young presidency, some of President Trump’s strongest supporters thought he may have lost his way or betrayed MAGA altogether.

I will keep my guard up. And, that’s okay. We voted for Trump; we’re not the zombie cult that knelt before Obama. Bannon remarked at CPAC that we’ll need to stay loud to keep MAGA momentum moving at a high energy pace.

However, it’s becoming increasingly clear that no such betrayal has taken place, at least not yet.

Though, some skepticism/paranoia never hurts. You can’t blame someone for sounding the alarm when countless Republicans before Trump have cucked so hard.

What to do about this?

It requires faith and patience. Faith that the negotiator who wouldn’t pipe down about his negotiating skills is actually engaging in yet another dance routine to close deals. And, patience from us to fashion Trump with time to work.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the author of The Art of the Deal ends up publishing another book in 2025 — The Art of the Presidency.

Whether it’s word of continuing healthcare negotiations or North Korean coal exports being rejected by China, a meta negotiation is taking place. China used to flaunt sanctions in the past to buy heaps of North Korean coal. Today? Not so much.

Moreover, the President and Secretary of Defense Mattis have reassured us in no uncertain terms that we won’t enter the Syrian Civil War. Let’s hope more false flags don’t change this assertion.

In sum, it’s better, going forward, to remain guarded, but to also resist the temptation to think we’ve been betrayed at the first sign of something not computing right away.

After all, deals with stakes as high as these are bound to have many plot twists and narratvie turns. We should enjoy the show a little more now that we’ve demonstrated we will pull the fire alarm.

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