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Disrupting the Flow of Information/Speech Is a Key Tactic in War

Disrupting the Flow of Information/Speech Is a Key Tactic in War

At the outset of any war, the first thing both sides do is disrupt their respective enemy’s communications. We’re there, and have been there for some time now.

Censorship on social media or in real life are all tactics in the civil war that’s raging today between the left and right, globalists and nationalists. Look no further than yesterday’s #PatriotsDay riot in Berkeley for proof of the feral left’s violent playbook to shut down speech. Ditto for the latest account ban on Twitter or demonetization on YouTube.

Every time someone from the right sends a disruptive message, video or gives a speech at a public park or college campus that attacks the progressive Marxist SJW narrative, it gets viciously attacked by censors or the Democrat’s Antifa thugs.

Social media activist Baked Alaska interviewed someone in Berkeley who had some interesting observations about the day.

The question now is:

Have we reached a point in the civil war where the right must either silence or be silenced?

In other words, shouldn’t the right disrupt the information/communication flow of the left to actually fight and win this war?

Best-selling author Mike Cernovich concluded it’s time to adopt the playbook of the left yesterday at an anti-Trump #TaxMarch rally in Austin, while only using force in a strictly defensive capacity, with great results.

Antifa did it to our side yesterday in Berkeley, with disastrous results…for Antifa.

Winning this civil war will require more non-violent disruptions from our side, unless of course one of us needs to defend ourselves, then it’s time to literally throw a punch.

It’s simply not enough for the right to act as a cooler insurgent force on established social media platforms, while building new ones like Gab and Minds. It’s simply not enough to politely complaining when one of our rallies/events get disrupted by Antifa/SJWs. This will only lead to defeat or a stalemate.

My purpose here is just to get you thinking about tactical cultural warfare to achieve a strategic victory, and most importantly, a lasting victory.

In my field of work, the entertainment industry, you can’t speak freely without facing crippling economic attacks from SJW hate mobs and, by extension, having your speech cut off.

Do we, as a movement, have what it takes to defeat our enemies? After yesterday, we definitely do.

Elections aren’t victories; they merely replace soldiers on the battlefield. Our new soldiers won’t suffer losing our rights without a fight.

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