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Ann Coulter Is Still Going to Speak in Berkeley on April 27th Because F*** You

Ann Coulter Is Still Going to Speak in Berkeley on April 27th Because F*** You

Berkeley has become the laughing stock of what’s left of the free world. After many speakers and riots at the so-called cradle of free speech in 2017, Ann Coulter will be latest based right winger to serve up a can of whoomp ass to the Fake American left.

It’s true that Cal, as it is colloquially known in the Bay Area, has made goofy demands of Ann Coulter, which she accepted. All of them.

Then, due to security concerns, her event was canceled, but now it’s back on, sort of. Cal wants a new date further into the future, which they will then, predictably, get cold feet about down the road. And so on, until doe-eyed Ann gives up, right? Well, they don’t know Ann.

It’s just more bad news for snowflakes, Fake Americans, jackbooted Antifa thugs & Company. Ann is still speaking, come hell or high students, because f*** you. By you, I mean the snowflakes, Fake Americans, jackbooted Antifa thugs and anyone else I’ve left off who has a problem with a speech on immigration and its deleterious effects on shredding American culture.

Why not just let her speak and not make such a big deal out of it?

Like Hollywood, the left will fiercely defend any encroachment onto their swampy territory in Marxist academia. The open borders crowd also lost the argument on immigration. We have President Donald Trump as proof of that.

Immigration is the EVERYTHING issue. If fixed correctly, an immigration system that restores a unified American culture will save American lives and cash; it will also end the Democrat party as we know it, as they’ve had to replace a declining white vote with foreigners from non-white failed states. That means the left’s Marxist utopian dream dies, as it should. Giving Ann a hard time about an immigration speech is just damage control for enemies of our beautiful yet ailing republic.

Further, the book of the year in 2015 that inspired Donald Trump’s tough immigration talk didn’t come from some cuckservative think. It came from the mind of Ann Coulter. That book was: Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole.

I read it. It’s a rhetorical nuke. It’s impossible to read Adios America and come away as anything but an immigration hawk afterwards.

Her arguments are so good (and right!) they helped elect a president, just imagine what they can do now that that president is in office. There are many more minds to be saved! Our enemies are terrified of this.

Decades after the America-killing 1965 Immigration Act and the Simpson-Mazzoli Act of 1986 that President Ronald Reagan signed *author facepalms*, we have boatloads of criminal, electoral and visceral evidence that we need to justify ending immigration. As in, we’ve had enough and we probably need to ship boatloads of people back to where they came from because they sucked at learning how to be American, no thanks to the Fake American left’s Cultural Marxism.

But keep threatening a 99-lb. blonde woman and anyone who may want to hear her speak! That will totally work.

If, by some stroke of criminal idiocy, enough violence forces a cancelation of Ann’s speech, we still win. Checkmate. Thanks for playing!

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