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Let’s Talk About That Bill Nye Video. Yes, That One.

Let’s Talk About That Bill Nye Video. Yes, That One.

If you didn’t think the mentally ill left needed to be defeated pronto, we have another reason to redouble our efforts and unleash everything we’ve got.

Before I discuss the disturbing, bizarre, degenerate Bill Nye Saves the World“My Sex Junk” video that featured just under three minutes of cultural cyanide, you may want to watch it first if you missed it. But, brace yourself, your stomach and everything you hold dear about mankind. I’m not even sure when it aired, but this crapburger has to be called out. Now.

Bad, right?

I’m wondering how many in the audience, even fans of Nye’s, thought that went too far. Did anyone walk out or throw up?

Now, policing bedroom activity between consenting adults isn’t what I want to press here. I want clowns like Nye to quit normalizing behavior that attacks the very pillars supporting our civilization. I want clowns like Nye to quit confusing and dividing us against ourselves.

That video was a full frontal assault on natural law. It was a can of Raid sending the birds and the bees to their graves.

I know one of the major reasons why he’s pushing these “evolutionary” sexual preferences on us. It all comes back to Climate Change, the ultimate vehicle for control out of which many issues can be manipulated, like sex, for instance.

I recall one appearance Bill Nye made on Neil de Grasse Tyson’s podcast where he mumbled about his irrational fear of women having too many babies, thereby destroying the Earth or something. At the time, Nye’s preference was to drastically shrink the population by pushing feminism. The variant of feminism that conveniently brainwashes women into thinking they need a career, not a loving husband or adorable kids. We all know what happened to today’s feminism. It’s rotting in a dumpster next to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.

With feminism neutralized as a weapon against Climate Change, the next thing on the mad scientist checklist is to sell this notion of human sexual evolution. The different sexual proclivities in that video didn’t mention a whole lot about families and babies, though it did feature Nye bobbing his head to the grotesque performance highlighting things I won’t type here, sung embarrasingly off-key by actress Rachel Bloom.

Well, I have news for Bill Nye the Degenerate Guy and his sick coterie of rootless cosmopolitans. Humans are not evolving into dozens of non-binary “genders.” There is nothing new about human sexuality under the sun. What is new, however, is our medical ability to mutilate and drug ourselves into thinking otherwise, with a cultural stamp of approval to boot.

There are two sexes, not genders. “Gender” is a fake term cooked up by Cultural Marxists to further muddy the natural waters.

Though much of the reaction, even by normies, was negative on social media, I can’t imagine what’s happening to children who watch Nye’s social engineering masked as a show. This kook has a show on Netflix!

But it can’t get any worse than this, right? 

In sum, Climate Change is fake. Ignore Bill Nye. Keep having babies and starting families, America. Lots and lots of babies raised by strong families.

P.S. I have additional observations about this video, but I don’t want to get myself banned from Medium just yet, as I’ve been newly minted as a Top Writer in the Culture tag.

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