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Tim Allen’s Successful Show Dropped By ABC. Politics or Economics? An Insider’s Look.

Tim Allen’s Successful Show Dropped By ABC. Politics or Economics? An Insider’s Look.

When news first broke of Tim Allen’s successful ABC show Last Man Standing getting the hook for what would’ve been a 7th season, it understably raised questions about Hollywood’s well known political bias.

More from Deadline’s report:

ABC has opted not to renew the longtime Friday 8 PM anchor for Season 7 despite the fact that the blue-collar sitcom was ABC’s second most watched comedy this season with 8.1 million viewers in Live +7, only behind flagship Modern Family (8,7 million). It was the third most watched ABC scripted series overall behind Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family.
The Tim Allen-starring multi-camera sitcom often had gone down to the wire on renewals, with ABC and producing studio 20th Century Fox TV wrangling over the series’ license fee. ABC is supposed to cover the cost of the show at this point in its run, and LMS is on the higher end for a multi-camera sitcom because of the marquee salary Allen commands, but 20th TV had agreed to license fee reductions in the past and reportedly were open to another one. This time, there was no negotiating or bargaining, with ABC simply deciding against another season.

Numbers like that would normally be a no brainer for another season order. And, it is strange that ABC walked away from a willing negotiating partner. Perhaps it speaks to the narrow financial straits ABC’s owner Disney is navigating right now? I mean, just look at the cratering mess that is ESPN and all the cord cutting.

To be sure, Tim Allen was outspoken about the authoritarian climate in Hollywood today, likening it to Nazi Germany, if you happen to disagree with the progressive narrative.

As someone who’s been on these series renewal calls, people are right to question whether this was a political comeuppance against Tim Allen, but the real answer is nuanced and a bit more complicated.

While it is an ABC show, 20th Century Fox is the producing studio. That may confuse some of you at first. How can an entity under the FOX umbrella make a show for ABC? Aren’t they competitors?

The producing studio actually makes the show. And while they’d love for it to air on their mothership network FOX, it doesn’t always work like that. For various reasons, FOX won’t place a series order for the show, so another network jumps in to air it. In this case, ABC.

That aside, these studios and networks are cesspools of progressivism, Cultural Marxism and the like. Truly detestable, sheltered, out-of-touch, borderline cartoonish elites work there. Hollywood does hate half the country. Fact.

Judging from my past experiences, I’d say the revenue pressure networks and studios are facing today means they’re looking to cut costs wherever they can. Television is suffering from a glut of shows; it’s a bubble that is arguably bursting now. (By the way, keep cutting that cord, America!) Last Man Standing was only going to get more expensive as it cruised into its golden years. This show also had a bullseye on its back for political reasons because it didn’t push the usual toxic progressive talking points, got strong ratings and headlined a Trump-friendly star. Therefore, it’s really a mix. Too costly compared to younger/newer shows and not politically towing the SJW line.

I can also say with certainty that a show cancelation is like taking a successful small company and shutting it down. Virtually no one at the network is happy about making the call. It puts a bunch of people out of work, at least temporarily, up and down the pay scale. This doesn’t mean the show is dead either. 20th Century Fox may very well shop it to another outlet, like CBS, TNT, USA, Hulu, Netflix (you suck, Netflix), etc.

If you’ve read this far, you can probably start to see a silhouette of how a Cultural Marxist message gets crafted by the Hollywood machine, given the different layers that go into crafting a show: executive producers, writing producers, directors, actors, studio executives, network executives, agents, advertisers, etc. It’s beyong question our culture is being programmed. Only conspiracy theorists would deny that.

Perhaps I’ll write about that next, using a generic show shepherded from concept-to-air, as an example.

Looking forward to Hollywood’s and your own response to my own soon-to-be released project.

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