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Kathy Griffin Doubles Down on ISIS Tactics, Cool with Attacking Barron Trump

Kathy Griffin Doubles Down on ISIS Tactics, Cool with Attacking Barron Trump

In a stunning display of hate and mental illness, Kathy Griffin, advised by Democrat operative “attorney” Lisa Bloom, doubled down on her sick view that ISIS tactics are just comedy and Barron Trump is fair game. Nowhere in her emotional, unstable presser did she demonstrate a glimmer of consistentrational thought or contrition.

Kathy cried on cue one moment to get the camera shutters buzzing, then immediately bounced back, like an actress, to her happy-go-lucky self.

Kathy accused President Trump of picking her out of the clear blue sky to use as a distraction. It had NOTHING to do with her sick, twisted ISIS-inspired stunt, she and Lisa Bloom screeched. A stunt that will sadly inspire more violence against President Trump, his family and supporters.


Perhaps ISIS will pick up on Kathy Griffin’s strategy and rebrand as immigrant comedians? It would be an easy sale for about half the country who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. ISIS could book comedy clubs, blow them up, blame Islamophobia and hold benefit comedy shows afterwards for more gore.

To those who don’t believe Kathy Griffin had malice of forethought in attacking Barron Trump like Rosie O’Donnell did about autism, here’s the proof:

Kathy Griffin’s attorney Lisa Bloom seemed unprepared for the first question about Kathy’s gross December 2016 comment, brushing it off as a “misleading question” about something Kathy said “years ago.” That’s a lie from the daughter of feminist opportunist, Democrat operative Gloria Allred.

Kathy’s presser also clumsily attempted to redirect this on President Trump by using his fair criticism of Megyn Kelly, cuts to NPR/PBS, fake news about Meals on Wheels cuts that Trump’s budget director refuted, the hoax that is Climate Change, old white men, grabbing private parts, etc.

What Kathy Griffin did today is a gift in disguise.

Instead of directly apologizing to Barron Trump or just laying low, Kathy Griffin denied that Barron had seen the image (in the age of viral social media). Kathy Griffin poured gasoline laced with uranium all over what was a calculated stunt to turn herself into a martyr for muh resistance.

In sum, a big thank you to Kathy Griffin for waking more people up about how sick, ruthless Hollywood actually is. People are even more upset today. That takes talent! Can’t wait to see more of you, Kathy.

The right is finally, at long last, fighting fire with fire and we will break you. All of you.

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