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One Way to Unite the Right

One Way to Unite the Right

My hope for uniting the two biggest factions within the Right is probably not going to happen, at least not anytime soon. The chasm between these two groups, the Alt Right and the New Right (still not a fan of the "New Right" moniker, tbh), is only growing. However, that needn't be a crippling state of affairs.

There's a way to work together. A path.

It will require this: identifying the overlap among the Alt Right, New Right and the MAGA platform President Trump ran successfully on to win the presidency. 

Once these core, overlapping issues are identified, each group sticks to them until they have been accomplished. Overlap exists. No doubt. 

Though the infighting is entertaining at times, and shows much more vibrancy and fun than the loser Left, it will continue to pose an opportunity cost of energy and resources better allocated toward making this country great again and defeating our enemies on the other side.

This is not to say that any significant differences should be papered over or ignored. Quite the opposite. There are real, honest differences. Speaking for myself, I see a lot to like in both the Alt Right and the New Right. Yet, these intra-spats are occurring too early in this movement's life. This movement's behavior is much more typical later after more of the grocery list has been shopped. 

Public intra-spats will certainly continue well into the future, yet doesn't it make sense to look for ways to mitigate the damage from them?

I am realistic in assuming that people in both camps may never be fully synchronized and won't be best friends. Strategies and tactics will differ, but I do think a summit of some kind where the most critical overlapping issues can be determined will go a long way toward solving our problems.

Immigration would be the top pick for me. I'd be happy to broker this meeting of the Right's minds.

My regrets to the Left. You get to watch in quiet desperation as we determine the future of man. No seats for you.  

It's just a thought. The issues where there are the widest gulfs can still be pursued on a parallel track, just not in taxing, self-destructive spats among ourselves. We already have one civil war cooking, let's not add another front to this war for the West and America.

Let's focus on making life harder for the loser Left.

What do you think? Maybe this is not such a good idea. Maybe it is.  

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