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How The Right Simulates A Cultural Billionaire

How The Right Simulates A Cultural Billionaire

With the crescendo of right wingers being de-platformed from sites like Patreon reaching deafening levels, the cultural civil war continues to rage. 

It's no secret that the decentralized Internet armies of the Right use Kickstarter, Patreon, GoFundMe to support themselves and their work, work that takes many hours to produce. The Left is doing something about that now.

Whether it's Lauren Southern or Brittany Pettibone or someone else, what all these right wingers are doing when they crowdfund is: simulate a culturally-attuned right wing billionaire. And, that simulated billionaire is in danger. 

With mass reporting surges, Trust & Safety councils at these left wing platforms obtain the ostensible cover they need to eliminate a thoughtcriminal from using their service. If they can't shut the Right up, they'll defund it, which achieves the same result...silence.

What's been missing from the Right is twofold:

  1. Culturally-attuned wealthy donors who seek cultural dividends, not real dividends. 
  2. Ideologically-aligned technology that will help fund those without wealthy donors. 


To address point one, show me a billionaire who actually gets the culture war and is funding a select grassroots army of talented content creators to punch back. Peter Thiel comes close, but even he, Gawker slayer that he is, can be a little tone deaf. The Mercer family? Closer, but no. Project Veritas and Judicial Watch exist as decent examples, yet they operate in different lanes. I'm talking culture, fam.

I know of so many talented people who essentially work for free in service to America and struggle to make it, while the Left have their glossy, capitalized institutions at the beck and call of George Soros or Tom Steyer.

It would only take one right wing billionaire, funding the equivalent of a rounding error to their own net worth, who doesn't care about the media's limp hit pieces to change things. 


To address point two, the news is a little rosier. There are sites like Wesearchr, Hatreon, Counter Fund, dnews's BACKERZ, and I even think Gab is hinting at something that would allow for funding of some kind. I can't say if Vidme is the YouTube body slammer yet, but they do offer payments to creators too. Admittedly, some of these sites aren't live yet, some have different funding missions, but all are on the Right. 

What's frustrating here is that many names you'd know on the Right use the Left's crowdfunding platforms. This is beyond short-sighted and their excuses for staying on unfriendly funding platforms will expire as more alternatives launch. This needs to change before they find themselves with an unpleasant surprise, like Lauren Southern just did. Get off of PayPal, Kickstarter, Patreon, GoFundMe, etc. and do it ASAP. Rip the bandaid off. 

And if someone from one of these new sites pitches you on leaving Patreon to help boost them, don't roll your eyes at them. You ain't safe anymore. The flag mob is coming for you. 

Look, it's never been harder out there to make ends meet if you're a creator committing thoughtcrimes. Change needs to come soon or momentary victories will not be sustained over time. 

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