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A Thank You Note To The Founding Fathers

A Thank You Note To The Founding Fathers

It's Independence Day. I wanted to extend my deep gratitude to the Founding Fathers and all the veterans who fought for these United States of America, from the 18th century all the way to the 21st century.

The easier road for the Founding Fathers would've been to negotiate exemptions for their grievances against King George. Perhaps living with a little less tyranny in doing so. They could've risked less. Less of their personal safety. Less of their earned fortunes.

And yet, they chose the more difficult road. The road paved with liberty and blood. 

Our Founding Fathers studied man's nature very carefully. Taking the best of what they saw in man's thinking over the years. They formed a governance model that has stood and evolved, as designed, all the way to the current year. To be sure, it's also been infected with a corrupt, disloyal virus. Call it progressivism, globalism, Marxism, etc. It's clearly infected.

And, nothing lasts forever. America in the future may remain intact or break up into separate countries.  

However, that's not the burden of the Founding Fathers. They won their fight. They won their freedom. That fight rests with us. That burden is ours to carry.

What we have today, despite waves of culturally damaging immigration, costly foreign interventions, a growing panopticon state and the like, is a country that still lights the way for man. This is nothing short of miraculous, given the Constitution is in ruins. 

This is a nation of ideas. But those ideas have their roots in the ethos of the Founding Fathers, who were white and who respected (for the atheists among them) and/or worshipped a specific deity.

You can succeed wildly in America regardless of your background, which is a great thing, yet respect for our nation's heritage is under constant threat of being wiped away like the tide wipes away footsteps in sand. 

A different background is fine in the right proportions, but those proportions are way off today thanks primarily to the 1965 Immigration Act and the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli amnesty. Additionally, if you're unwilling to assimilate, unwilling to love America's heritage, unwilling to reject lessons teaching you to hate America in schools/theaters/living rooms, you are part of the problem.

Many will never be able to, nor even want to, separate themselves from their own counter-American cultural identities. The deep, atomized division we are experiencing is a by-product of intentional nefarious forces, like too much of the wrong kind of immigration, cultural marxism, etc.

Yet, Independence Day 2017 has special meaning because of what transpired on Election Day 2016. We the people declared our independence from the progressive globalist elites who seek to atomize and rule over us. The presidency was once described as the glorious burden by President Harry Truman. It's not one man's glorious burden anymore. It's our glorious burden too. Via the power of social media we patriots are an extension of our current president and we have broken the gatekeeper's grip on truth. 

In closing, I honor the gift our Revolutionary American ancestors gave us by being grateful for it. Thank you for making America great. We'll make America great...once again. 

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