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Tearing Down Historical Markers In A World Where Few Read History Books

Tearing Down Historical Markers In A World Where Few Read History Books

The removal of statues from different periods in American history is disturbing.

My take on the subject is more observational about how we live today. Some say they are just decorations. The real thing to guard is anyone looking to change the history books. This is a naive position. And, history books get revised all the time.

I could go down the list of crazy ideas. They range from Confederate memorials to Walt Disney to Joan of Arc to Abraham Lincoln to George Washington to Christopher Columbus to even Thanksgiving (yeah, the holiday is very white supremacist if you get your mindpoison from verbose sewers like HuffPo). You get the idea. To the left, nothing is off limits.

This is a wholesale remaking of America, and by extension, Western Civilization. Try tearing down monuments in Saudi Arabia that fail the Cultural Marxist's social justice litmus test, snowflakes. You'll end up caned, in jail or dead. But, I digress.

Statues serve many purposes. They can be an act of graceful goodwill toward a former foe at the end of war to aid in reunification. They can signify a momentous achievement. They can be beautiful art in and of themselves. On and on the list goes.

Today, a dwindling number of us are reading history books, while getting news and information from malleable, dubious sources like blogs and video. A statue can, at the minimum, give you a snackable, unchangeable piece of history.

If that disappears, does it matter in a world reading less history?

If that disappears, does it make it easier to replace our history with an alternative history via new statues? 

New generations won't grow up in a world with those historical and cultural markers.

This Taliban tactic gives new latitude to the Cultural Marxists in the classrooms when outside their windows, the history these teachers hate isn't staring back at them, reminding them that they are wrong. It gives idiot millionaire comedians armed with clever writing staffs more leeway in telling their unthinking flock what the real history of America and the West is.

Remember, people aren't reading much history and what history they are reading is always under assault by a new book or lecture from "bold" voice with a daring, hot take on history. 

One of my own alma maters recently renamed a dorm because they didn't like how this particular historical figure handled a bloody encounter with Native Americans hundreds of years ago. Future students will never know what happened, except through the lens of oppressor-oppressed, if they learn about it at all.  

Consequently, I see the long game here and you should too. Dig in. Fight back. Our history is connected to our future. Don't let anyone sever the link. 

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