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Was The News Ever Real? Haunting ‘Hoaxed’ Will Rip Your Reality In Two.

Was The News Ever Real? Haunting ‘Hoaxed’ Will Rip Your Reality In Two.

(NOTE: This review contains limited spoilers.) 

Was the news ever real?  

That’s one of the many questions Producer Mike Cernovich and his Co-Directors Scooter Downey + Jon du Toit stirred up in my head as I sat through a private screening of Hoaxed on Sunset Boulevard. 

What a weapon the media have built themselves, I thought once the credits rolled. Hoaxed takes care to outline just what a force the Fake News Media is. The amount of fear and intimidation the Fake News Media uses is enough to make anyone wonder why brave people step up to pay the price of ruined reputations, ruined personal lives, ruined peace at the hands of unstable attackers/stalkers. 

It would be so much easier to shut up and mind your own business while the people crafting the prevailing narrative du jour mold society in their disturbing, Cultural Marxist image.

It’s easy to imagine us living in something close to John Carpenter’s They Live. Upon closer inspection, and thanks to Donald Trump’s historic rise, many of us see the Fake News Media’s apparatus for what it is: systemic thoughtpolicing.  

Hoaxed chronicled, with great emotional weight, many of the Fake News Media’s more outspoken victims and events. Some of whom used to be celebrated by the media machine and are NOT all blood red right wingers. Scott Adams, Cassie Jaye, Anthony Scaramucci, Gavin McInnes, Jordan Peterson, Hawk Newsome, Stefan Molyneux, Alex Jones, Tim Pool, Lauren Southern, Peter Duke, among others. I would like to have seen Steve Bannon, Chuck Johnson, and Julian Assange in the film too, but hey, you can’t get them all.

Speaking of Scott Adams, his primer on the possibility of two people watching the same movie on the same screen yet seeing totally different things will likely be of help to those uninitiated in how strange the process of seeing reality can be.

Further, Hoaxed questions if there ever was a golden age of fair, honest, objective reportage. And the answer was a surprising no, though not for the reasons you may suspect. 

I’m glad #Pizzagate had its part in the movie right at the beginning. That segment set the record more or less straight and revived some of those oddly disturbing Wikileaks emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign Chairman John Podesta that are still lacking good answers from Podesta himself.  

Cernovich received his share of praise and criticism in Hoaxed.  This strengthened the film, as it wasn’t the typical ego stroke device we’ve come to expect from others.

Black Lives Matter, a group I’m nowhere near fond of, was exposed as having been a victim of Fake News, all while being portrayed too positively for my taste. Hoaxed needed a quick bit on the group’s astroturfed, agitprop origins within the Democrat Party. BLM Leader Hawk Newsome, after filming wrapped, had a public falling out with Scott Adams too due to Newsome’s choice in taking a more abrasive, self-destructive stance toward Trump supporters, calling them all racists or racist accomplices. And yet, including BLM in the film — or at least what’s left of it — added an interesting, nuanced angle to the fallout from Fake News I liked as the movie marinated in my mind.  

I wonder if Jordan Peterson’s appearance in Hoaxed will age this excellent documentary too quickly, given that he has recently been disappointing some of his fans with bad takes on Brett Kavanaugh, signing with ultra progressive Hollywood talent agency CAA and having been outed by Vox Day, Milo, Owen Benjamin and others as a closeted globalist. 

Aside from chronicling the painful toll inflicted on people who do speak truth today, I found the most powerful moment in the film delivered by none other than Stefan Molyneux and his rousing speech relating Plato’s cave allegory to our current Fake News epidemic. This meme, in a sense, encapsulates Hoaxed.


Molyneux’s soliloquy hit me square in the gut. It was inspiring. And, I was familiar with this particular meme. Shot inside a Hollywood Hills cave I’ve visited on many hikes and jogs, it was all the more real for me. I only wish there had been some visual effects or a re-enactment with live actors inside the cave so normies not plugged into the daily meme matrix could more easily relate to this gripping scene. 

When Hoaxed ended on the excellent Yellow Red Sparks theme song The Great Media Hoax, I wondered: Is it too late? Is the Fake News Media too powerful? Where are we headed if people aren’t getting the truth?

Whatever the answers, it’s clear Hoaxed could and should be a regular series that lives on to expose and explain the Fake News Media’s manipulative nature we endure every day. It could even branch out to other areas like diet, education, etc.

Perhaps in the future we’ll get to celebrate the Fake News Media being put out of business. One day.

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