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The Battle For Accurate Halloween Costume Freedom

Page Six of the NY Post decided to highlight “killjoys” such as myself for pointing out what we’ve all known for some time when it comes to the absurdity of applying SJW norms of political correctness to Halloween costumes.

Though I freely admit that Al Roker was not technically in the purest sense of whiteface, that doesn’t matter.

Wait a second. Is it alright for a woman (pictured next to Al Roker) to be Marty McFly? By the SJWs’ (Social Justice Warriors) own rules, shouldn’t she choose characters within her own sex?

My point about all this nonsense is valid because the SJWs among us constantly scream about cultural appropriation + racial insensitivity on Halloween. They pound the table, demanding everyone — especially evil racist white people — stay in their own lane when they are picking out their annual Halloween outfit.

If a white male wants to be Mr. T or Michael Jackson or LeBron James or Kanye West, there shouldn’t be a problem with making the outfit closer to the real deal with makeup. As long as people are accosted for dressing as they wish once a year (or during infrequent costume parties throughout the year), I think it’s important to hold the Left to their standards.

Moreover, it never hurts to have a minor inaccuracy in a tweet. Judging from the angry, nit-picking, ackshually responses I’ve gotten, the outrage spread my tweet further.

The irony of all this is that I used to dress up on Halloween, but have since grown out of it and now just want others to have their share of the fun too without worrying about losing their jobs or being harassed by an SJW.

We’ll close out with Al Roker vs Al Roker:

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