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The Right Joined Hollywood

Last night I attended a screening of a short film. The evening served as yet another sign that Hollywood is a lost cause, but not for the reasons you’ve come to expect.

The female director, you see, leans Right, likes Trump and hails from another country. Yet, how did she decide to allocate her creative energy?

A short film showcasing toxic masculinity and budding lesbian romance sparked, in part, by the big bad men in the story. Go feminism!

Mind you, the director isn’t a gay activist or anything like that. She merely wants to serve up more content that fits the narrative. She wants to be accepted by the industry. It takes a sociopath to make films like this with the stated goal of mercilessly climbing the ladder.

But it gets worse. Much worse.

Following this screening, a short thank you speech contained an immigration insult directed at President Trump. Said director was upset that America’s immigration authorities make it harder to obtain visas allowing said foreigners to steal American jobs. She wants stealing to be easier because America owes the world’s showbiz talent anything and everything they demand, without delay or concern for Americans.

This thank you speech also contained something something about producing “fearless” projects like this. I can only surmise she thought needlessly making the film about lesbianism in the face of big bad men was fearless. Someone should tell her inserting gay themes into projects is not only mainstream today, it’s celebrated and encouraged!

I say needless because this short film could’ve easily sidestepped lesbian storyline altogether by portraying two women forming a platonic friendship instead. Doing so would’ve strengthened the film. Doing so would not have exposed her as a Right Wing zealot either.

But, fame’s a helluva drug for women raised on vacuous Instagram dopamine hits.

The whole night left me despondent. If someone who privately lines up with President Trump shades President Trump publicly and virtue signal by shoehorning homosexuality, then Hollywood is beyond repair.

This is hardly news to me, nor is it the only case. I write this to edify all of you.

The Right is losing Hollywood, partly, because it has joined Hollywood.

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