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There Is No Shared Future With The Left

There Is No Shared Future With The Left

Some on the Right are engaging in a round of diplomacy with Silicon Valley that is beyond folly for it requires a level of naïveté that wipes any hard-earned lessons yielded from 2016.

If you’ve worked inside Silicon Valley or inside Hollywood (as I have), our enemies are not interested in giving us an inch. They are interested in crushing us. They will not rest until we’ve been sufficiently re-educated, lobotomized or unpersoned to the point of living a spartan life huddled underneath a freeway or in the woods. 

I’m not writing this with any pleasure, as it means I have to temporarily point my rhetorical attacks in a different direction. Time is simply not on our side. Thanks to endless immigration, many precincts that were reliably red will probably go blue sometime in the 2020s, effectively ending any hope of right wing rule at a national level.  

How are we supposed to follow the lead of people claiming to be political operatives/experts who lacked the foresight to back Trump in the primary?  

Peter Thiel’s departure from Silicon Valley is as strong an indicator as you can get. Google’s firing of James Damore is another. All the banning, shadow banning, games with the trending lists all serve to undermine this Pollyanna hot take that there can be a truce with today’s Left in Silicon Valley, Hollywood and beyond. It is impossible.

We are at an impasse. We are at war. 

People pushing this dangerous notion are misleading people down a path that only leads to defeat.  

Jack Dorsey is not interested in hearing our concerns. He’s interested in winning the cultural civil war. Period. And, he’ll partner with anyone he can use to that end. 

I am calling into question anyone who thinks this truce is possible. It is dishonest. It is weak. It is naive. Worse, it could have ulterior motives driving it. People advocating this fake “shared future” or “dialogue” could be controlled opposition. I don’t have proof, but it doesn’t look good either. If it leads to us losing, what’s the difference?

We must build our own platforms as we gradually reduce our dependence on Big Tech and Big Hollywood.

If you don’t believe Peter Thiel and you think Jack Dorsey is a partner seeking peace, you are wrong. If you are a leader who believes this, I vote no confidence in you. Extend all the olive branches you want. Our enemies will take them and use them as weapons against us. 

Don’t just take my word for it either. Look at my actions. I’ve created counter-cultural content and brought it straight to you. My sci-fi action thriller Trucker is a chilling look at our future if weakness and evil prevail. I’ve been on the streets in 2016 to face down the enemy. I’ve walked the halls of Hollywood power. I’ve had my career rekt because my bosses spied on my emails and learned I didn’t worship Barack Obama. 

There is no shared future. There is only our future without them. 

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