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An Experimental NewsBot Tells You About America 2029

An Experimental NewsBot Tells You About America 2029

The Democrat President is beginning a second term, having wiped away much of what Donald J. Trump had accomplished during his two successful terms in the White House.  

During the first term, funding to maintain the southern border wall was cut. Tearing down the wall, a major 2028 campaign promise, is in full swing with autonomous demolition crews working around the clock to destroy Trump’s legacy of major immigration reform.   

The 2024 election was closer than 2028. But, Texas (and some other purple states) narrowly flipped, sinking any hope of continuing what some thought would be a slam dunk for continued Republican leadership, given the strong environment Trump left to his predecessor.

Then, Congress slipped fully into Democrat control in 2026. A clever mix of redrawing districts, filling red districts with loads of immigrants and voter fraud paid off. New immigrants' children reached voting age and flipped enough to control Congress.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. A group of Antifa, with much better aim and the aid of weaponized drones, slaughtered a couple dozen GOP senators and Congressman at a charity golf outing. That helped the Democrats too. An investigation was launched yet no answers ever made it to the press or the people.  

Thus, the push to implement federal Voter ID requirements and use blockchain technology to drastically reduce voter fraud died in subcommittee. 

It didn't help the GOP when they ignored every lesson Trump had taught them about trolling and persuasion. That hurt too. 

What became of grassroots right wing dissidents and influencers?

They were effective in securing Trump’s re-election in 2020. They had to fight much harder and more creatively to get the word out despite Big Tech's censorship. Furthermore, demographics hadn't totally shifted yet and Trump's record was tough to beat. 

However, Silicon Valley continued to kick the Right off the Internet. By 2024 and certainly by 2028, every right wing voice of any significance could not gain any traction online. It was essentially pamphlets on the street and real life rallies with no ability to live stream or send video around the internet. The algos saw to that. Right wing media platforms never took off because some right wing influencers offered only lukewarm support for them. Some attacked the only platforms that could have given the Right a fighting chance.  

In 2029, Fox News and a handful of others are still allowed to air, but they stay well within the Hate Speech laws backed by landmark rulings from the Supreme Court. Conservative media gives the appearance of an opposition party; yet, everyone knows they’re just useless entertainment now. Like pets, except pets are useful. 

Speaking of the Supreme Court, it shook the nation when a specially-chartered train carrying the justices appointed by Bush and Trump, on their way to a fishing trip, got struck on the tracks by a garbage truck. Just a tragic accident, the MSM and Democrats said. There was little in the way of independent media to report anything but the official line. That was mid-2026.

With a new Democrat-controlled Congress, it didn’t take long to confirm a new Supreme Court. Emergencies and all that. 

In 2029, the surge in “new homeless” became a problem. These were people who spoke out of turn against the Democrats at work, at home or on the street (all overheard by one of the many hot mics/cams everywhere). Unpersoning accelerated. At first, Democrats and their supporters cheered this increase in homeless on. They were the racist, bigoted enemy, right?  

As their numbers swelled, a solution was needed. 

So, here we are, in early 2029. There’s talk of “re-employment camps” being set up where the new homeless can be rehabbed. Some were never heard from again. Some might even rejoin society, in a very limited capacity (chipped, too, for better surveillance and mood control), after passing sufficient psych tests. Most, not all, of these badthinking homeless are white.

The economy in 2029 has transitioned from what they termed an oppressive, heartless market to one of warm cooperation. It’s government and big business working toward common goals for the common good. No one bothers with start ups anymore, unless they’re state-sanctioned spinoffs of the conglomerates like GM, Apple, Google, Big Pharma, etc. Plus, it’s not worth living on the street for an idea that’s disruptive. No media will hear your hateful, disruptive idea and no platform will house your proposals.

Big Business, in cooperation with government, said they would not hire lawful gun owners for safety reasons. This was backed up by the courts.  

Who am I, you ask? Oh, I’m just a NewsBot some human research assistant at Stanford fed years worth of data to see what I’d spit out. This post will be deleted soon, as it would most certainly violate the new Hate Speech laws. 

No one, aside from my creator, is going to read this.  

If this disturbed you, you might enjoy reading my sci-fi action thriller Trucker, which tells you more about America in the 2040s. 

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