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Failing Hollywood Thinks They Can Wait Trump Out Till 2020

Failing Hollywood Thinks They Can Wait Trump Out Till 2020

Hollywood thinks they can wait you and the Trump cultural shift out until 2020. That's a cute, yet short-sighted way to be. My last piece says they'll be waiting until 2024 or thereabouts for immigration shifts to take hold at the ballot box. 

In the meantime, the 90th Oscars hit an all-time ratings low last night. LMAO!

As I have repeatedly argued, right-of-center content would do very, very well in terms of revenue for a beleaguered Hollywood suffering from, among other things, declining ratings, declining box office returns heavily dependent on comic book adaptations, and disruptive forces hailing from a wealthier Silicon Valley.

A shrewd Twitter acquaintance of mine, Straight White Male, who knows a thing or two about Hollywood, put it nicely here: 


Hollywood prefers to wait you and Trump out in a boring bunker, rather than "innovating" by simply giving the people what they want.  

It's why I wrote my sci-fi action thriller Trucker. It's a social proof available for any producer who wishes to get rich in the span of the few short years it would take to shoot it and release it. (Hint: Buying it will help me show courageous producers that this market exists). Publishing Trucker may prove to be a fool's errand on my part, but I had to do something, anything to inflict change (and maybe some pain) on the enemy. 

More right wing content would invariably aid in healing people from the suffering inflicted by Cultural Marxism. My favorite reason. 

Hell, putting all that aside, more right wing content would at least cater to half of a massive country (and an even larger audience abroad). It's an untapped market. Many people stay home, watch old movies, read books, play video games and find other ways to occupy their time. They'll justifiably continue to do so unless there's change in Hollywood. 

Time's up!

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