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The Kanye West Moment

The Kanye West Moment

By now, many of you have noticed Kanye West broke the Internet. This cultural moment sparked by one of the most celebrated artists/musicians/clothiers on Earth is nothing short of extraordinary.    

What I want to communicate to all of you is that since he’s laid some new runway for everyone to use, we should allow him some room to roam on that same runway. Do not purity spiral here. 

Between Kanye and his wife Kim, they made it ok to like President Donald Trump in front of hundreds of millions of people that they directly influence. Sporting the classic red MAGA hat in public is huge visual persuasion.


Don’t believe me? Check out how shook Hollywood comedians, John Legend and others are. They need to keep people from escaping the mental prison of the Left.

It’s not only possible, it’s probable that fans of Kimye who may have harbored violent intentions for us have simmered down a little. These same fans may be more willing to tolerate or even engage peacefully with us. Or, may have woken up out of their Trump Derangement Syndrome trance altogether. 

Understand this, I’ve had my differences with Kanye West in the past. If he does make good on his tweet about 2024, he has a ways to go with me before he earns my vote. My mind remains open though. I will see how far to the Right he inches during this journey he’s on. Kanye, if you ever read this, bone up on immigration. Pausing immigration helps all Americans. Watch out if Kanye gets woke on immigration. His chances of winning will skyrocket. 

Perhaps YouTube’s algorithms can red pill him on that issue? LOL. It appears Scott Adams' mind-expanding #GoldenAge Periscopes will be just the start for Kanye. The #GoldenAge is defined by the notion that our biggest real problems have largely been solved; the "big" problems that remain are largely in our heads and in our perception of reality. 

It’s also way ok to be skeptical of Kanye. I’m skeptical. I’m even skeptical of Candace Owens, who helped get this whole thing going. You can still be skeptical and enjoy the major shift this moment brought.  

I’ve seen many others wondering if more celebrities will have the courage to speak out now that Kanye broke the ice. The answer to that depends on how financially secure they are, how powerful they are and whether that celebrity is cool with never working again for outing themselves as a free thinker. Remember, we’re not even talking full blown MAGA adoption here. We’re talking, hey, you know what, I’d like to think outside of Chuck Schumer’s talking points. Jimmy Kimmel and others like him know what to say because of their direct line to the DNC. 

We care about of all this because culture + emotion (other factors too) influence politics. It’s foolish to ask, “Who cares what celebrity X thinks?”

Unless, of course, one is mounting a rhetorical attack to lessen that person’s status and influence. In that case, carry on, lads. 

Kanye did a lot of good for a lot of people. Myself included. I’ve suffered immeasurably at the hands of the Hollywood thought police.

Pull up a chair. Let's see where this goes.




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