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Headlines + Lessons From That Feature Length Interview With Kanye West + Charlamagne

Headlines + Lessons From That Feature Length Interview With Kanye West + Charlamagne

I watched the Kanye West interview conducted by Charlamagne. It fascinated me. It held my attention. It frustrated me. It allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of what Kanye West is going through right now. 

Kanye West is undoubtedly experiencing a breakthrough, not a breakdown, as he puts it. He is disrupting many long-held rituals, beliefs, institutions. He is infiltrating mental prisons, liberating as many people as he can in the process. (Note: I say all this as someone who is not a fan of hip-hop/rap and who is viewing all this through a right wing cultural filter. I'm neutral about Kanye West the celebrity.) 

The interview frustrated me because Charlamagne’s role as the interviewer was sometimes weighed down with so much of the Victim Mindset™️ bias. Though I’d rank this interview among the best I’ve ever seen, it could’ve been transformative had Charlamagne been much more indifferent/objective to politics because he would’ve been able to probe Kanye’s thinking deeper, rather than putting Kanye on the defensive during this awakening by accusing him of supporting Trump, as if that's a categorically bad thing. Charlamagne uttered outright lies about Trump oppressing minorities like they were immutable laws of the universe. Wrong, bruh.

Without chronicling everything that was covered, I’ll hit the headlines that stood out to me.

This sit down easily could’ve gone on longer as Kanye outlined the machinations of the fashion industry and his rise within it, as an infiltrator, detailing Yeezy, Nike, Off White, LVMH Group, Fendi, and other stuff.

I’m a recent convert to the sneaker culture game, so this was all of interest to me. (I’ll probably write up a post about the importance of "good" shoes in the future.)

Ultimately, whether we get a President Kanye West or not, this Kanye West moment is important for its reality ripping properties. If more people feel it's ok to think independently, then Kanye is a net positive. If Kim + Kanye get red pilled, then look out. I'd especially be pumped to see a Kanye pivot to the Right on immigration, however unlikely that may be. 

I like the mind-opening I'm seeing. I'll keep mine in the same mode.

The headlines/lessons from the interview are as follows: 


Kanye didn’t get into specifics with Trump. Instead, he loved that Trump demonstrated beyond any doubt that a non-politician celebrity could infiltrate the political arena and win the presidency. That was inspirational to Kanye. Toward the end of the interview, Kanye said his policies aren’t formed at this stage and he’s open. He said of his future run for office that he’d possibly merge the Trump campaign with Bernie Sanders principles. Merge the two.

Personally, I want exactly no Marxism/Socialism in a Kanye platform. I hope that Kanye learns on his journey that Marxism/Socialism is not the answer. We can take care of our own citizens without the taint of that particular ideology.

Kanye did stand his ground about meeting with Trump shortly after the election and doubled down that he'd do it again right now. And, he'd talk about Chicago, something Obama didn't do much of anything to remedy. 

Biggest Obstacle

According to Kanye, the only thing holding him back from accomplishing more is access to quality information. Everything else falls into place if he has good information.

This point, I like. On the Right, we have truth on our side. It’s one of the reasons the Left can’t meme. Memes require a foundation of truth. If Kanye proves himself to be a fearless truth seeker, it's the Left, not the Right, who has everything to lose with an actually woke Kanye. 


When Kanye saw Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, it made him want Bitcoin because seeing her on money reminds him of the old, of slavery. Kanye is about the dwelling in the future, not the past. He questioned the value of constantly reminding ourselves about history.

I agree in that we shouldn't forget history, but we should move on from it too. How does pretending otherwise  get us into a promising future? Kanye's influence on Bitcoin adoption would be nothing short of transformative, if he wanted it to be.


Before Obama declared his candidacy for the presidency, he sought a meeting with Kanye West and his mother to earn Kanye’s support. This anecdote left me wondering how many GOP politicians court cultural icons who actually have sway. Kanye also said Obama came off as too perfect to blacks. That Obama distracted from the real work that wasn’t getting done to make life better for them.

No arguments from me here. Obama was a media sensation/creation. They aided in the curation and protection of Obama's image, one curated more carefully than the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel. 

Awards Season

Kanye thinks awards shows are dumb, counterproductive and used to corral artists into a room where they are conditioned to thirst over a meaningless gold trophy.

I agree wholeheartedly here. All awards shows need to be eliminated or at least reduced to press releases. Recognizing excellence is great, but that's not what we have today at the Grammys, Oscars, name it. 


Kanye revealed the inside baseball of his relationships within the fashion/apparel industry and why he ultimately couldn’t stay with Nike. Nike would let him design, but not build anything that was his off of those designs. Adidas allowed him to use royalties to build Yeezy. Nike said royalties could go to charity of his choice, but not to build a separate Yeezy operation. The rest is history. Bad move, Nike. 

Now, Kanye’s ex-designers are getting the good deals he originally wanted only because Yeezy ripped Nike’s head off.  There's more in there about LVMH Group., Fendi, etc. 


There’s no version of making it big and remaining pure.  

Anyone NOT think this is true? 

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