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BOOK REVIEW: The Sea Monster

Parenting has always been a tough job; it’s made tougher when parents are trying to find suitable content for their young children that doesn’t come from an unsupervised iPad or isn’t mired in twisted left wing subtext (i.e. Why boys can be girls anytime they feel like it, etc.). Though it’s a children’s book and not something I’d normally write about, I always like to highlight culturally-positive things.

The Sound Of Freedom

A friend of mine, Yellow Red Sparks, wrote a song that captures the high price we all continue to pay in today’s Fake News environment. It’s an original track that will pair perfectly with Mike Cernovich’s forthcoming second documentary HOAXED that smashes head on into this important topic.  

Foreword: The Origins Of Trucker

The seeds for Trucker were planted a long time ago. Being born and raised in San Francisco, I remain no stranger to the long drive on Interstate 5 that connects Northern, Central and Southern California.

Along these drives as a kid and later as an adult, I would wonder about the men who drove those big rigs up and down the state to earn their living and keep the arteries of commerce alive.