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Hamilton, Mike Pence and Why Hollywood Must Be Destroyed

Democrat-controlled Hollywood, including a host of nasty agents, producers, writers, actors, directors, you name it, is enjoying rounds of snarky celebrations about the cast of Hamilton really letting Vice President-elect Mike Pence, and by extension President-elect Donald Trump, have it.

But…have what, you ask?

It’s a good question. The answer is Hollywood is serving up nothing more than poisonous hallucinations.

As blogger and non-Trump voter Scott Alexander noted in his excellent MUST READ post, “You Are Still Crying Wolf,” the fake news media and its counterparts in Hollywood are not giving up on spreading harmful fake racist narratives about the incoming Trump Administration. Scott Alexander absolutely shreds each of the media’s top lies in detail. It even got the attention and praise of mindset expert Mike Cernovich and persuasion expert Scott Adams. Mike Cernovich highlighted the damaging effect this left wing fear-mongering has on people’s mindsets. 

Scott Adams instructed people to: “Show it to all of your friends who think Trump is a racist monster. This ends it.” The post is THAT good.

Consider this: The cast of Hamilton could’ve invited Mike Pence backstage for a chat, but they insisted on a public shaming method to spread their lies far and wide while cameras and smartphones were rolling. Why didn’t the cast opt for a private chat? Exactly.

Now, whether the cast acted of their own accord or got a memo from the Democrats, it doesn’t make much difference. Hollywood and the Democrat Party are one and the same. Thank you, Wikileaks.  

As someone who worked inside Hollywood next to the most powerful household names, let me tell you, they are angry about Trump winning and they are going to give us and Trump everything they’ve got. Expect more shameful stunts like Hamilton in the future. Expect more anti-Trump fare at the movies, at concerts and on TV. As you’ve seen written elsewhere, Trump is a grave threat to the Democrat narrative of being the party that cares about regular people. Trump will expose their generations-long lies.

The idiots at Hamilton will only succeed if we who elected Donald Trump think the war for our culture and politics can be delegated to the White House alone. It’s only just begun. We are living in the era of the permanent campaign. It’s a civil war of ideas and we’re going to need that same high energy during the official campaign that sent a shockwave to the elites in newsrooms and stages everywhere.  

When you’re justifiably punching back hard at the news media, remember to save some uppercuts for Hollywood. They’re begging for a fight, they’re arguably more powerful than the news media, so let’s make them regret it. These people are thought-policing trash who hate free speech that silence rising voices on the right, like mine. Oh, and ignore open letters from Jeffrey Katzenberg that celebrate freedom of expression in Hollywood; he’s lying to all of us. 

Freedom of expression is an illusion here in la la land. #WAR

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