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May The #DumpStarWars Be With You

May The #DumpStarWars Be With You

The move to #DumpStarWars makes sense. Some people may see it as the right acting like the very SJW outrage mobs they themselves detest. I don’t see it that way at all. Here’s my quick take on this whole thing.

The right isn’t advocating for banning this film or the laundry list of other putrid left wing films that intentionally ooze their way into the box office on a weekly basis.

However, the right is making a bigger point about the lack of any balance of views at the box office. The right is making a bigger point about the pervasiveness of cultural marxism. The right is making a bigger point about how the left is too scared to compete against right wing content of equal production value. And no, I’m not talking about the bible-based movies that have done well. I’m talking about mainstream pop culture content.

Why speak up about Star Wars?

Star Wars is fertile cultural territory that the left uses to further indoctrinate people of all ages, especially impressionable young children. It is also totally dangerous and stupid to liken President-elect Trump and the millions of Americans who voted for him as Nazis. This sort of rhetoric makes Trump supporters feel less safe in public. Who wouldn’t want to do anything and everything to stop a Nazi, if that’s what you’ve been conditioned to believe? I happen to live in an area where people are thoroughly brainwashed and would have no problem firing people like me or using violence against my property or person.

#DumpStarWars is an attempt to warn Hollywood about the financial consequences of foolish, toxic, divisive comparisons and crap-tier storytelling.

Again, this is NOT about banning something or being offended. Hollywood suppresses many great, kinetic, entertaining projects that you’ll likely never see. I want those projects to compete, and I predict if they do, they’ll easily defeat the left’s political narrative fair and square at the box office. The left’s storytelling skills have lapsed as many Americans complain about there being nothing to see at their local cineplex.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s the Periscope by my pal Jack Posobiec that sparked this madman troll. 

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