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Not So Silenced: A Review of Silenced

Not So Silenced: A Review of Silenced

I was fortunate enough to be given an early look at Mike Cernovich’s first foray into the long-form documentary film genre: Silenced. For those who have been living under a rock or have been hypnotized/radicalized by the fake news media, Mike Cernovich is a one man free speech armored battle tank who successfully drove the 2016 election cycle’s biggest stories by using a cunning mix of mindset, persuasion and his loyal fan base on social media to help propel Donald J. Trump into the White House. Together with Cernovich’s director Loren Feldman, who helped make Cernovich’s UN/Convention short documentary about the fake news media at this past summer’s RNC/DNC, they have managed quite a feat that may ultimately send SJWs sprinting to rage-ban a movie built to remove all the muzzles that have been placed upon our mouths. 

What follows throughout the film is not a dazzling display of visual effects that might distract from the meat of the movie. Instead, we get a range of voices throughout the free speech spectrum. The film itself is broken down by each industry negatively impacted by the restricted speech zone that is current year America. Science? Broadcasting? Comedy? Journalism? Technology? Law? Religion? Yes, you’re covered. Everyone from Ricky Vaughn to Milo to Alan Dershowitz to Thai Rivera to Scott Adams to Pax Dickinson to Dave Rubin appear in the film. Cernovich appears in the film too. I shouldn’t have started naming people because there are simply too many to list for a review, but you get the idea. This is not a left or right-skewing documentary. The film will be enjoyed right out of the box by anyone who hasn’t fallen under the spell of the fake news media. 

What do all these different minds conclude as you watch the film? It’s hard enough to get any two people walking down the street to agree on anything.
However, it became starkly clear they generally arrived at this judgment about what free speech means to them: You have a right to speak your mind. Anyone telling you otherwise needs to grow up/toughen up. Debates of all kinds of ideas from subjectively savory/unsavory characters need to had. If you speak your mind, you must expect to be criticized for that speech, but trying to destroy someone’s livelihood via a firing or blacklisting is unacceptable because of the chilling, self-censoring effect it has on everyone. Instead, enter the arena and fight for your idea! Or, stop crying and stop selling us on the idea of wearing fashionable, pc-approved muzzles.

I enthusiastically recommend everyone see this movie. It will give you more courage to speak up after seeing the wide array of names and faces who are right behind you. Silenced just might be hard to swallow fare, at first, for those people we all know who’ve been tragically radicalized/hypnotized by the likes of CNN and John Oliver. 

For more details on how to watch Silenced and the full cast list, visit the Silenced site here

Find Mike Cernovich on Twitter and Gab. You can buy Mike’s latest excellent book, “MAGA Mindset,” which I’ll be reviewing shortly here. Find Loren Feldman on Twitter and Gab.

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