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On Media Assassinations

This post isn’t about Milo, specifically. It won’t defend him nor will it attack him. There’s plenty of that out there. Reasonable minds can disagree. I’ve said in the past that Milo’s biggest contribution is his role as an effective gateway drug to the right.

Now, on to the post.

I want to briefly list the broader objectives of all these deep state, globalist, progressive media assassinations on people like Milo and even someone who doesn’t reside on the right like PewDiePie.

The goal of these attacks is to pit us against each other to make us easier to defeat, both culturally and electorally.

The goal of these attacks is to crush the MAGA movement’s morale.

The goal of these attacks is to make rising voices afraid to speak up or face severe consequences.

Recognize our enemy’s ultimate motives and you become much more powerful against them. Do not succumb to these fools.

In my view, our enemies are shook, fear our rising power and have made yet another mistake.

This anon poster on 4chan sums it up nicely here.

Want to really anger our enemies? Fight the left and not each other. Be even more hyped to help President Trump enact MAGA. Keep speaking up.

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