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The Campaign Never Ended. Believe Me.

While some MAGA voters are sharpening their knives, not for turkey, but for each other, I thought it might make more sense to help you redirect those figurative knives where they belong…pointed at our enemies.

I get the sense that after the election some of us feel adrift. The election represented the ultimate goal. It had a clearly defined outcome. This post-election reality we are in now is somewhat undefined and foggy.

To be sure, in the aftermath of a great victory or defeat, some posturing, turf wars, credit-claiming, blame-gaming, is perfectly natural and is nothing new.

However, what seems to be surfacing now is more unhealthy and divisive among our own MAGA ranks because our enemies are applying pressure at the seams of our powerful, winning coalition.  

Ultimately, we must remember who the real enemy is.

Okay, but how do we do that?

Here’s the easy part. Put yourself back in campaign mode. Who were you focusing on? The answer was probably the left, the fake news media, and some amalgamation of Never Trump/GOP Establishment cuckservatives. Focus on them. Pretend like the election didn’t happen, or better yet, was only a victory during a battle for a MUCH larger war. Try it. I’ll bet your focus returns.

To those who think that’s a ridiculous thought exercise. Well, our real enemies are putting themselves back in campaign mode. Take Hollywood director, moron and toxic cultural agitator Joss Whedon’s tweet, as an example. Our real enemies are in full campaign mode and will stay there. This, I promise you.

This is just one example. Didn’t Katy Perry call for people to rise up for a revolution…IN ALL CAPS?

So, if you feel adrift in the post-election morass, raise that chin up, MAGA fam. We have a great, great war to fight. The campaign never ended.  

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