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The Future Does Not Belong To Those Who Slander President Trump

What we are witnessing is nothing short of the dismantling, lie by dangerous lie, of the Fake News media. It’s so surgical, in fact, you’d think President-Elect Trump graduated from medical school. Today’s Trump press conference was just one more nail in the coffin.

BuzzFeed, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and many, many others richly deserve this fate of being publicly and mercilessly nuked into oblivion.


Never forget that Fake News outlets like these push hate and division that tears all Americans apart at the seams.

They push the Black Lives Matter lies that led to murdered police officers and riots. They push Russophobia in hopes of stoking more war. They push PR puff pieces covering up messes for their chosen darlings in the Democrat Party like the forgotten loser Hillary Clinton and cuckservatives like John McCain. They push stories so crazy that a movie studio would tell their screenwriters to drop those story beats because they seemed too outlandish.

When news organizations lie and people die as a direct result of their intentional lies, do those organizations bear similarities to terrorists like ISIS? Think on that for a bit.

Last night, the scum in Fake News media had their posts all over social media about how much they were literally crying during Obama’s farewell rally speech. Why are “journalists” who are supposed to be objective crying about Obama leaving? This should be unacceptable and any editor worth a damn would discipline or fire their staff for stuff like that.

How do you destroy the Fake News media?

I, for one, look forward to the revision of libel laws. Free speech doesn’t protect outrageous, dangerous lies that fit a radioactive left wing narrative and get people killed. The only signal that can penetrate toxic left wing control of the media is one shot through the barrel of economic reality hitting its target squarely in a courtroom. Hit these lying trash bags where it hurts…in their wallets. Cutting the cord, as I wrote here, helps too.

And, of course, ridicule them every single chance you get.

I also welcome a full inquiry into Fake News media’s influence over the election. One didn’t need to look farther than the nearest street corner to see that their lies sunk in with too many minds.

To paraphrase and repurpose an infamous Obama quote on Islam:

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