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Here's Why You Should Skip The Fake Media #Oscars

Here's Why You Should Skip The Fake Media #Oscars

When you hear about the Oscars and get bombarded with high horse talk of “The Academy,” it all sounds so prestigious. Like there’s a gilded fellowship of wizards, knights, kings and queens sitting on top of Mount Olympus who have all the answers to the human condition. What a joke.

I’ve been around Oscar and Emmy ballots before. Let me tell you what I’ve observed from the voting process.

I won’t even get into the nomination process and the hoops any right winger has to jump through to get a project made in a sea of Cultural Marxists.

I strongly support recognizing and enjoying accomplishment and the fruits of one’s tireless labor, especially one that defies steep odds. I have a feeling we’ll get more of that in President Trump’s America. Making a movie today is no easy task, even if you happily kneel before Cultural Marxist power players.

Formally known at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, it has a membership of about 6,600 people. Not such a big number, and certainly not representative of the America’s ideological heritage. Yes, yes I know it has some international members too that comprise a small minority of its electorate.

Yet, when these people give their lectures from the podium, they speak like they’ve won some kind of mandate from a national election. They haven’t. Not even close. Again, it’s just 6,600 people. The slumping Cleveland Indians in Major League got better attendance than that!

How does voting really go down? Assistants vote for stuff their bosses don’t care about or leave blank. Members vote for their own stuff and for friends of theirs.

Say, that reminds me. Isn’t there another group of out of touch Marxists who get votes from people who shouldn’t be voting. Hmmm… it starts with a D. It’ll come to me.

And then there’s the whole Chinese Communist cash invading Hollywood. You can search for that. Too many articles to cite. They’re funding studios and the biggest household A-List names. Not good, fam.

Further, don’t get me started about the shameless mining of votes at old age homes. There’s also all the usual politicking that goes on, like gift baskets and favor peddling for the truly aggressive campaigns to win. Celebs will even suddenly discover a love for a charity/cause and do visible campaigns for those causes to win more favor from Academy voters.

In something as subjective as film, it’s seems kinda dumb to say, “Hey people we hate, out of these top ten films that got filtered through these Cultural Marxist nomination panels, this…THIS…is the very best film because shut up and we…WE…the 6,600 experts and our assistants who shouldn’t be voting at all, know better than you bucktoothed flyovers.”  

Just remember when you see clips of obnoxious acceptance speeches lecturing all of us, hopefully these awards carry much less weight after learning some of what actually goes on behind the scenes, right? LOL.

What would I recommend doing instead of tuning in to the Oscars? Well, take a cue from President Trump and do something else. He’s having dinner with our nation’s governors to discuss healthcare, etc.

Personally, I like to read or watch a movie that isn’t caked in Cultural Marxism. Whatever you choose to do, just do something that hurts the Oscars ratings. These Fake Media enemies of the people are begging for a ratings disaster, so let’s help them out.

Enjoy the short clip from Team America: World Police that brings it all home. 

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