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What A Week To Be Alive: My Inauguration Recap

One week ago I boarded a plane bound for President Trump’s Inauguration. I don’t like to travel much. It’s not too much fun since the Religion of Peace made me take my shoes off and unpack my bags at TSA checkpoints. But, my trip to Washington, D.C. was well worth it.

What I witnessed was nothing short of breathtaking.

In a Lyft car, when I first arrived in town, Trump's motorcade rode right past us.

Donald Trump's motorcade. 

There were fireworks after the Lincoln Memorial concert on the eve of President Trump taking office.

Lincoln Memorial fireworks from the backseat of a car. 

I saw blue collar workers walking around the National Mall smoking cigars shortly after President Trump took his oath of office. 

On the other hand, I saw unhinged SJW cry bullies carrying signs about their severe something something hallucinations. I also saw antifa DisruptJ20 commie terrorists blocking entrances to President Trump’s swearing in ceremony and very long lines leading into security tents too. So long, in fact, that I decided to hoof it along Constitution Ave rather than wait. The crowds were massive.  

Aside from hearing President Trump take the oath with my own ears, I also got to see Ex-President Obama take Executive One out of town. A very, very satisfying sight to see. That, I can tell you.


On my way into the DeploraBall, I saw a phalanx of brave police officers protecting us against the feral, antifa Disrupt J20 commie scum.


I was caught in line with Gavin McInnes and Cassandra Fairbanks while trying to get into the packed National Press Club, where I noticed C-sized batteries on the ground that were hurled at us. Here’s some quick footage: 

Entering the Deploraball.

I stayed out of the DeploraBall drama and decided to attend because I wanted to go. Simple as that. Attending also helped my long war against the feral Left, as you will all see soon. Winning the bigger fight against the left is everything to me. I’m friends with both Baked Alaska and Mike Cernovich, have spoken with them about the whole thing and we’re cool. They know that when the left inevitably attacks them, I’ve got their backs.

I’ll just add that my original preference was for everyone to attend, lay down their swords for one night and laugh at the left wing trash bags outside.

When I say everyone, I say I was also happy to meet Richard Spencer at the after party across the street. Milo absolutely should have attended too.

It was great to shake hands and finally say hi to some people I had only known on the interwebs. 


There were speeches too. Here’s my Periscope of some of them.

I attended the yugely overpriced GWU. When I graduated, I was glad to get out of Washington. Being back in Los Angeles, however, during the start of what will be an epic presidency makes me miss being there. 

Though, I’m not so sure I could be an effective culture warrior if I moved back to Washington. For now, I’ll stay in Los Angeles to make war on our enemies.

Here are some more photos of the city…Trump’s city. 

What a week to be alive.


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