cover art by  maz g illustrations . 

cover art by maz g illustrations

Written by American So Woke

Original artwork by maz g illustrations + ryon peck 

About The Illustrated Script

In 2042 America...

The surveillance state is watching.

Borders are wide open. 

Globalists are making a mess of the world. 

Max Carson wants no part of it. Booted from the armed forces for blowing the whistle about a secret government weapon during the war, Max Carson makes a living among the last human truckers on Earth. Just as he’s finishing a delivery and ready to quit his job, Max discovers a major terrorist attack at the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank.

Will Max save the country that burned him? Should he?

Bold in its message. Visionary in its scope. The near future of Trucker is both a technological marvel and an unsettling alt-reality. Packed with original conceptual art and storyboards throughout the script, it’s a groundbreaking, smart, sci-fi action thriller that will leave you wanting more. If you love America and can’t stand today’s Hollywood, Trucker is for you. 

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